The latest features of each digital marketing channel makes all the difference when it comes to your ad campaigns. That’s especially true on a platform where you’re paying for users’ attention.

When was the last time you did a deep dive into Google AdWords?

The average small business spends between $100,000 and $120,000 a year on Google paid search campaigns, while giant retailers can spend up to $50 million dollars a year, according to WordStream data. Regardless of how much you spend, each retailer pays between $1 and $2 for a click in a Google Ad.

The big differentiator is how often those clicks are converting. On average, advertisers see a 3.17 percent conversion rate on the search ads.

Those are the ones that appear when users search on Google. For display ads that appear on other sites, the average conversion rate is 0.46 percent, found Search Engine Watch data.

Small tweaks to your ad campaign can have a big impact on your conversion rates — and on your business’s trajectory overall.

Read on to learn tips on how to better use Google’s Ad Manager for eCommerce and get the skinny on what words perform best in Google ads.

Tips to Maximize Impact on Google Ad Manager

Reward loyal customers. You can keep past customers coming back by offering specific promotions to those who have purchased from you before. That may be just the incentive they need to buy from you again!

Close the loop on abandoned purchases. If a shopper started but didn’t complete a purchase, you can create targeted ads to reach this highly-coveted segment of users.

Target and personalize to each shopper. Take advantage of all the ways you can segment your users. Did you know you could segment based on all these factors?

  • Location, including country, region, metro areas, cities and zip codes
  • Topical interest
  • Device, browser or operating system
  • Key values, such as search keywords
  • Deliver tools, so you can customize delivery speed, frequency caps, and day/time segmenting

Then Choose the Best Copy for Your Google Ads

1. Say what the people want to hear.

The top five words that drove successful Google ads were your, free, now, get and online. Then, don’t go overboard and keep repeating the same words. Instead, the top ads only repeated two words in each ad. You don’t want to overload it with the same keyword.

2. Inspire emotion.

More than half of all text ads convey a neutral sentiment. We can do better than that! 45 percent of ads conveyed a positive sentiment while only 2 percent conveyed a negative sentiment. As you’re formulating your ad copy, do your best to inspire joy! Make your point clear by adding lots of exclamation points. 42 percent of successful ads use ‘em.

3. Propel them to action.

Get, not shop, is the most popular call-to-action in top performing Google Ads, followed by buy. Shop, try and learn were the most successful after that.